Why hiring an agency sucks
Chris Crump
March 3, 2024

Why hiring an agency sucks

Most agencies suck.

Okay, not all agencies suck.

But to be quite candid, I’d be really careful hiring an agency.

Don’t believe me?

Ask any business owner who hired a design agency to build them a website.
Or a project manager who tried hiring a freelancer on Upwork.
Or an entrepreneur who hired a dev agency to build software.

I hear horror stories daily (and I’ve experienced them myself).

I’m here to save you from a bad agency experience.

The problem with agencies (and Upwork)

I know some fantastic agencies. The problem? They are expensive and elite.

Most agencies (and freelancers on Upwork) are not expensive. But they are inconsistent.

Their incentives are not aligned with yours—they aren’t incentivized by your long term success.

We see this with clients who first tried using Upwork for example. All of a sudden, their ‘Webflow engineer’ ghosted them mid-project. Or, their BPO-sponsored overseas team suddenly churns and the replacement team has no idea who your customer are in the middle of busy season.

You spent all this time for the agency to churn. You could have spent the same time investing in an in-house teammate.

How agencies are compensated

Agencies are typically compensated by an hourly-rate or by project completion.

If the agency is compensated by hourly rate, rest assured they will bill you a ‘senior consultant’ rate but actually staff a ‘junior consultant’ on your account. Additionally, they will slow down the project to increase billable hours and generally drag a project 2-3x longer than quoted. This is how they are incentivized.

If the agency is compensated by project competition, get ready to manage the project closely. That’s because the agency is incentivized based on volume, so more projects = more pay. Quality goes down significantly. Be prepared for multiple rounds of iterations due to sloppy work.

What is the alternative?

It's simple—direct hiring.

At Anavah Talent, we help you hire incredible talent directly.

Most outsourcing businesses own the ‘employees’ and sell the ‘services.’ The result is high turnover, low engagement, and a subpar experience. There’s no task ownership—they don’t work for your business. Plus, most outsourcing agencies only place entry-level, generalist roles.

We place all specialized talent—from VAs to CPAs.

Need a licensed CPA that spent 3 years at a Big 4 Accounting Firm with 5 years of tax preparation experience? We’ve placed one before.
Need an email marketing specialist who has systems experience with Klaviyo and design experience in Figma? We’ve placed one before.
Need an Operations Manager with perfect English and 10+ years of managing teams? We’ve placed one before.

If you are looking to scale faster, improve operations, and support your American employees, reach out to us.

We are not an agency.