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We help businesses hire 10x talent for 10% of the cost of a U.S. employee.
Why our clients trust Anavah Talent
Consultative, not transactional
We take a consultative approach with deep operational expertise
and overseas connections—
we are a trusted advisory partner. 
Hire direct, no monthly fees
Plus, we help you hire 10x talent directly—we only get paid if you hire someone exceptional. 
Save 90%, forever
A one-time investment can unlock 90% better labor margins in your business—forever.
Our story
In 2022, I stepped on a sea urchin while visiting my team in the Philippines.
While laughing at my $3.41 ER bill, I had a thought—growing a business is kinda like stepping on a sea urchin—it’s super painful.

Small businesses [‘SMBs’] comprise 99% of U.S. companies. But, it’s never been harder for small businesses to grow and compete in the global economy.

I see this problem daily—SMBs need money to hire employees, but customers need to see employees before giving them money. During my time at Goldman Sachs, I realized corporations have an unfair advantage—access to lower-cost skilled labor.
At my last startup, I helped build + manage a team of overseas workers in the Philippines.
These in-house teammates owned customer service, product operations, and sales enablement—and they were fantastic.

Our customers loved the 24/7 service. Our internal operations were painless to manage. And, we never lost a single teammate—100% retention.

Workers in the Philippines are highly skilled, proficient in English, trustworthy, and have deep experience working for U.S. companies.
But, hiring overseas talent can be confusing. And, who can give you an honest opinion?
Plus, most outsourcing firms are predatory for overseas workers. Their call centers are miserable and outsourcing firms take the majority of their hourly wage.

Filipinos prefer working directly with reputable U.S. businesses—and they are incredible colleagues.

And, my teammates could afford a nice house, private school for their kids, and expensive technology because of their work with our company.
I believe outsourced labor is the best lever for SMBs to grow operations and support overworked American employees.
Overseas talent can bless American businesses with their unique talents, strengths, and skills—and American businesses can bless overseas talent with life-changing, dignified opportunities.

Join us—we went to the Philippines (and stepped on a sea urchin) so you don’t have to. 

- Chris Crump
Founder & CEO of Anavah Talent
Our mission is to build a more-connected world where opportunities have no boundaries.  
Our vision is for every person to take their God-given space—wherever that is in the World.
Our mission is rooted in these beliefs.
Inherent Value
We believe all humans are uniquely gifted and talented. 
Dignity of Work
We believe all people should have access to dignified work opportunities. 
Global Connection
We believe the future of work is global and interconnected. 
We believe remote work can empower communities (such as working mothers).
Redemptive Entrepreneurship
We believe in the primacy of redemptive entrepreneurship—small businesses bless others, renew culture, and create value (not just capture value).  
Operating Principles
Elevate American small businesses and Philippines knowledge workers.
Seek 1+1 = 3 outcomes. 
Always deliver value. 
Build long term relationships.
Do the right thing, even when it goes against our own interests. 
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