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Anavah Talent is a top headhunter for specialized
overseas talent.
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What our customers are saying
Felt like part of our team
"The Anavah team was super responsive and felt like an extension of our team—we even added them to our company Slack channel."
Max Minsker
Founder & CEO, Bookmate
Found us a specialized designer
"Anavah found us an email marketing designer proficient in our systems (Klaviyo and Figma). Our clients love working with her."
Dilan Mistry
Founder & CEO, Intertidal LA
Deeply consultative
"The Anavah team was awesome to work with—we loved the deeply consultative approach to overseas hiring."
Ricky Hamilton
CEO, Tesla Institute of MRI (ex-McKinsey) 
Hire overseas and save up to 90%
The cost-of-living is 7x lower in the Philippines.

Top talent wants to work directly for U.S. businesses. Quickly scale your operations. Diversify your cost structure. Support your U.S. employees.

A one-time investment can save up to 90% on labor costs—forever.
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Why Anavah Talent is the preferred talent partner
We place full-time to part-time candidates — one-off roles to entire teams. No situation is too complex for our team.
Generalist & Specialized
We place both generalist roles (Virtual Assistants, Sales & Marketing, Customer Support) AND specialized roles (CPAs, Complex Operations, Financial Analysts).
Deep Expertise
We have deep talent connections in the Philippines and years of building, managing and growing overseas teams.
90-Day Guarantee
Our success is based on your success. You only pay if you select a candidate. (We also offer a 90 day guarantee).
How we work with clients
Book a call with our team (or send us an email) and tell us about the role you're looking to fill.
We do a full diagnostic of your operations, plus honest insights on teaming, expected compensation, and optimal skillsets.
We use our network to source, interview, and screen until we find at least three exceptional final candidates.
Client Interview
We introduce you to the final candidates. If you select one, you pay a one-time headhunter fee based on the assumed first year's salary of the candidate.
We hold your hand through the interviewing, selection, and onboarding process and give you a library of sample agreements, guides, and delegation systems.
90-Day Guarantee
Only pay if you select an incredible candidate. Plus, we offer a 90-day guarantee on all candidates.
Ready to work together?
Only pay if you sign an incredible teammate.
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