So, what does Anavah mean?
Chris Crump
March 3, 2024

What does Anavah mean?

Long before Anavah Talent, I was journaling about my dream career.

My dream career is to support redemptive organizations by investing my own capital into different verticals centered around improving ‘quality of life.’

These buckets are philanthropy, venture, housing, and small businesses.

I even discerned the name of the future entity—Anavah.

Discerning a name

‘Anavah’ or ‘עֲנָוָה’ is a Hebrew word that’s loosely translated to ‘Humility’ in English.

However, the literal translation means "To take your God-given space in the world."

How fitting that God gave me this word years ago—long before this business was formed.

Human giftings are innate

I believe every human has innate gifting.

A unique bundle of talents that we are meant to engage.

I’ve had the same gifts since I was a child:

- A heart for high agency people.

- A gift for spotting innate ability.

- A knack for connecting others.

Now, it's time to engage our giftings.

Carving a niche

Anavah Talent is predicated on the idea that we all have God-given talents and we have the freedom to use our talents to carve out our own niche in the World.

The freedom to hire talented and qualified people in different parts of the World who can use their God-given skills to bless others—and vice versa.

The freedom to build redemptive businesses which bless others, renew culture, and create value (not just capture value).  

The freedom to take your God-given space in the world—and be you.


Our mission is to build a more-connected world where opportunities have no boundaries.  

We believe adding overseas talent is a huge benefit for all stakeholders.

Be you—wherever you are in the World.